Revisiting and Refining Our “Buckets”


On November 12th, 2019, the Future Ready Coalition met for the second time of the 2019-2020 school year. With the majority of the group eager to move forward with the draft of an HHS graduate, the meeting started off with going over three main goals. 

The goals were as follows: 

  • Finally solidify the overall “buckets”
  • Begin to create sentences to describe each “bucket”
  • Identify words/skills/criteria to support each “bucket”

Two weeks prior to the coalition meeting, both Mr. Trotin and Ms. Bottomley met with the group of student members to come to a consensus of what the final “buckets” should be. After discussing the pros and cons of each category, they settled on the following: 

  1. Global citizen
  2. Innovative thinker 
  3. Lifelong learner
  4. Effective communicator 
  5. Balanced (individual or human) 
  6. Character (either person of character or exemplar of character) 

The group was also informed that HHS faculty had the opportunity to take a look at the work at a faculty meeting that was held on November 4th, 2019 and give valuable feedback to the FRC. The group evidently gained momentum as they broke up into three groups and came up with summary sentences for each of the categories. In other words, they wanted to elaborate on each bucket to ensure that students, parents, and educators were all on the same page when they looked at the final draft of a HHS graduate. The final sentence(s) for each category is as follows: 

Global Citizen
Students will be culturally aware, open minded and inspired to contribute to communities both locally and globally.

A global citizen is someone who:
– Is aware of and respects other languages, customs, beliefs and values
– Has an understanding of how the world works and their individual role in it
– Is aware of and inspired to act in the face of social injustice
– Participates in the community at a range of levels from local to global
– Is willing to act to make the world a more equitable and sustainable place
Innovative Thinker
Students will think analytically, critically and creatively to pursue new ideas, acquire new knowledge, make decisions and solve problems. 

An innovative thinker is someone who:
– Approaches problems creatively and analytically
– Thinks critically
– Is resourceful and adaptable
– Approaches obstacles as opportunities for growth
Balanced Life (Individual,Self, Human (still under contemplation))
One who prioritize their well-being, mentally and physically, so that they can manage life circumstances productively.

A balanced individual is someone who is aware of the following:
– Time management
– Mind body wellness
– Self aware
– Meaningful
– Mindful
– Choice and decision making
– Ability to prioritize and set boundaries
– Pursuing your passion
– Knowing your limits (but don’t be limited!)
Lifelong Learner
One who has the desire, confidence, and skills to remain curious and reflective about the world around us.

A lifelong learner is someone who: 
– Open-minded
– Curiosity
– Passion
– Motivated
– Growth Mindset
– Self-improvement
– Adaptable
– Responsive to feedback
– Reflective
Person of Character
A HPS student thinks, feels and acts in an honest, respectful, empathetic/compassionate, and personally and socially responsible manner.

A HPS student will have knowledge of and the ability to apply the key elements of character; namely thinking, feeling and behavior. Through our core curriculum, HPS students will be given the opportunity to explore and value what is good and how to act upon it appropriately. As students grow in their character, they will develop an increasingly refined understanding of their core values, a deeper commitment to living according to those values, and a stronger tendency to behave accordingly.
Effective Communicator 
A HPS student will confidently share and receive ideas in a clear, concise, and respectful manner with a diverse audience through various modes.
– Make use of and acknowledges the impact of verbal and nonverbal communication 
– Apply social norms and etiquette appropriate to the medium and the circumstance.
– Understand their own emotions and is empathetic toward their audience 
– Employ active listening strategies to advance understanding

The future looks bright for the coalition as they aim to finalize the draft of a Holliston graduate at their next meeting on December 12th. In addition, there also seems to be the talk of the coalition enlisting the support of past HHS graduates in order to help see if this draft pertains to the skills and quality traits that are needed in today’s ever-changing professional landscape. Discussions are also taking place to brainstorm how to best visually represent the coalition’s hard work so that people across the Holliston community can understand the district’s fervent mission of building an environment that stimulates and fosters student success.  

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